"Rapid Smiles" is a reduced treatment time orthodontic technique aimed at adults.

In as little as a few months braces can markedly improve the alignment of your front teeth. Generally the longest this style of treatment takes is 9 months but the average time would be 6 months or less.

The braces can be clear or tooth-coloured, or placed on the inside of your teeth -- so that they are hardly noticeable.

The process is less expensive than a full course of braces (usually only about 2/3 the cost), less visible, and involves far fewer appointments.

To hold the teeth in their newly corrected positions, permanent "fixed" retainers are cemented on the inside of the front teeth. These are invisible, usually requiring little maintenance, and are included in the fee.

Such a rapid course of treatment doesn't allow the time to fully correct the bite of the molars, and the jaw positions don't change - however for many people that is not an issue - as they are getting a nice smile -- Often the smile that you have wanted for years, but couldn't afford, didn't have the time, or didn't want to saddled with a 'metal mouth' for years.