Corona Virus Update

At present, dentistry in NSW is on Level 1 restrictions, meaning we can now do most procedures but must as far as possible maintain social distancing.

Inverell Dentist

Inverell Dentist

 Patients will be required to confirm that they have not been in a high Covid-19 risk area in the previous 2 weeks, not have a high temperature, and not have any cold or Flu symptoms. They must wash or sanistise their hands and start with a mouthwash before we can proceed with any treatments or consultations. We cannot have more than a few people in the waiting room at any one time, so let us know when you arrive, and where feasible please wait in your car until we can see you.

 The aim of these restrictions is to minimise the chance of catching and spreading the virus and to slow down its spread enough to allow more time for our hospitals to cope and more time to potentially develop a vaccine.


                             Orthodontic patient instructions


Remember to keep doing your lip and tongue exercises which is essential for a permanent orthodontic correction and above all BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE with your tongue up !

N. B.  --  Good cleaning is always important, but it is particularly important if we cannot check on your mouth for an extended period.  Decayed teeth,  sore and swollen gums,  bad breath,  gum and tooth infections are all possible with poor and lazy oral hygiene.



Watkins Dental Surgery

The practice is a family oriented general dental practice covering most aspects of dentistry and referring to specialists where appropriate. The practice is devoted to both general dentistry and orthodontics. Whilst he is not a specialist orthodontist, Stuart is an advanced practitioner in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopaedics.

Our orthodontic philosophy for children is to correct bad habits early and reduce or eliminate more extensive treatments later. Where possible we try to see the face and mouth develop to its full genetic potential, which not only looks better, but is far healthier and usually eliminates the need for extractions.  In treating adults, apart from improving smiles, we are often able to reduce headaches and improve the airway which in turn improves health, sleep and general well-being. We try to address why the teeth and face have become crooked, and what could result in orthodontic relapse. 

Stuart grew up and was educated in Sydney – graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Sydney University in 1984.  After a year working in two Sydney practices he and Deb moved to Inverell in 1985 to replace Dr John Northcott upon his retirement.  John’s father, Stanley, began the practice in 1902, being joined by his son Hunter and then after World War II by John as well.   So the practice has been operating continuously for well over a century.