Teeth Whitening

The ‘Take Home’ whitening system uses a concentrated (Hydrogen Peroxide based) whitening agent that is applied in your own time into the custom fabricated whitening trays. The whitening process can take 2-3 weeks and in certain cases much longer, but the final results are comparable to any ‘In Office’ whitening systems.

You may decide to top-up your whitening every 1-2 years. Additional whitening solution can be purchased from us and applied in your original whitening trays.

Please note that results for whitening vary between patients.

Teeth may be stained internally (intrinsic) and whitening is less effective and can be much slower to work. These stains may be from nerve damage or death, amalgam filling stains, antibiotics or other chemicals usually taken at a young age when the enamel was developing prior to teeth erupting, or many other causes.

Teeth more often have extrinsic stains which are on the surface, and the most common causes are smoking, black coffee or tea, red wine or things like curries and sauces - if it stains your carpets it will probably stain your teeth.

If the teeth have been filled, the fillings themselves may be discoloured and may not whiten the way your teeth would. You should consider that these may need replacing once the whitening process is completed.

It is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned before starting the whitening process to remove any extrinsic stains.

Tooth sensitivity is occasionally a problem for some patients. If so we can reduce the concentration, amount and frequency of the bleaching agent, and alternate in the custom tray with de-sensitising agents.