Dentistry for little kids

It is important that children have a great introduction to dental treatment and feel comfortable from their very first visit. By creating a fun and happy environment, our team hopes to make this a reality and eliminate any fears the child might have about coming to the dentist.

During their first visit, your child will be introduced to our staff and is welcome to explore, watch and ask questions at any time. We aim to build trust with both parent and child and hopefully by the end of the visit, they will be looking forward to their next dental encounter.

We recommend a first visit as early as practicable. That may just be in a stroller, or having a look whilst in Mum's arms - generally getting them familiar with the surgery and us. We are able to give general tips on diet, cleaning, bad habits etc - which may prevent or reduce future problems.

Various orthodontic societies around the world recommend a general assessment and usually an OPG X-ray ( a panoramic of the whole mouth, jaws and surrounding stuctures), by 8 years of age, to assess if any serious dental crowding or pathology is developing. Several times we have been able to limit the damage impacted teeth would have caused.

We offer all dental services for your child from preventative treatments such as cleans and fissure sealants to restorative treatment such as fillings. We also believe in early intervention orthodontics and will offer an orthodontic and facial development assessment to children of any age, (the younger the better).

Two very useful websites are on the timing and importance of introducing solid chewable foods, and a video presented by "Dr Karl" on diet and tooth cleaning for toddlers and school children.